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Jan 11, 2014 · That varies by state, as 18 states currently do not cover this procedure, primarily due to the fact that it is most often elective, or not necessary. the 18 states that don't cover circumcisions, along with the year they stopped: Colorado 2011 South Carolina 2011 Louisiana 2005 Idaho 2005 Minnesota 2005 Maine 2004 Montana 2003 Utah 2003 Florida 2003. However, Medicaid will cover circumcision when it is medically necessary, for example when an adult male has phimosis, a chronic constriction of the foreskin that prevents normal functioning of.

Feb 13, 2010 · Answers. In other developed countries where circumcision is a rarity, intact men have very low rates of UTIs and other issues because doctors understand and are trained in proper care of the intact penis. I certainly do understand why you're planning to have your next son circumcised, and while it does make sense, Followers: 3. Nov 28, 2015 · Parley. I would have a differing opinion without knowing for sure. It is unlikely an adult would decide on a whim to get circumcised. If required as an adult it is almost certainly due to a medical necessity such as tight foreskin causing pain or other problems. So I see no reason why it shouldn't be funded by Medicare.

Australia is the only country in the world that provides an automatic rebate for medically unnecessary circumcision. Even in the United States, 18 states have dropped circumcision from the list of benefits, and more are considering the question. Mar 29, 2017 · AHCCCS covers a full continuum of maternity care services for all eligible, enrolled Chapter 16 (This provider type does not include certified nurse midwives licensed .. Circumcision of newborn male infants, is a covered service when it is Chapter 1 – General Info – ahcccs. Oct 1, 2010 AHCCCS-COVERED SERVICES . AHCCCS does not pay for services that are.

No. Circumcision is not covered because it is not a medically necessary procedure. If you have Medicaid and want you son circumcised you will have to pay cash for the full cost of the procedure. Circumcision and circumcision revision performed for aesthetic or hygienic or religious reasons are considered “cosmetic” and are not covered by health insurance. When Insurance Covers Circumcision. When foreskin is causing a functional problem, insurance considers circumcision as medically necessary and will pay for it.

Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin, the skin that covers the glans (tip) of the penis. The procedure is typically performed on newborn boys, though is is possible to perform on older patients. Adult Male Circumcision. Several representatives from these carriers commented that the overall number of adult male circumcisions was small, and thus extensive restrictions were not warranted. More of the private carriers reported that they would cover only certain Cited by: 13.