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Adult changing tables also come in designs that allow the table to be permanently mounted to the wall. When properly installed, these tables often become ADA-compliant, meeting or exceeding specific governmental safety guidelines for changing disabled adults. Adult changing tables are an indispensable aid to weakened and disabled adults and their caregivers. For adults who manage mobility limitations or incontinence, they provide a safe, sanitary, and comfortable space for assisted changing. Learn more about changing tables for adults with disabilities .

Explore Jessica Cambronne's board "Adult Changing Tables" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Changing tables, Special needs and Adaptive equipment. Adult changing tables — a rare amenity often only found in large hospitals — can support a few hundreds of pounds of weight, be adjusted for height and offer a necessity for adults with special needs. By not offering adult changing tables in public restrooms, people with physical disabilities are limited in their access to public spaces.

The ADA’s goal is inclusion and yet for many people with disabilities the lack of Powered Height Adjustable Adult Changing Tables keeps them from enjoying and participating in activities in their communities. Thankfully, we can do something about this problem. Clinical Treatment & Changing Tables. Outfit a clinic or private property with options from FlagHouse's great collection of Treatment & Changing Tables. Available in a range of styles, including wall-mount stretchers, adjustable folding tables, and raised rim tables, you'll find treatment and changing tables geared towards your specific needs.