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Vaginal inflammation in cats, also called vaginitis, is a condition in which the vaginal area on a female cat becomes irritated or inflamed and may have some light colored discharge. - Wag! A mass protruding from a cat's vaginal area is referred to as vaginal hyperplasia and prolapse. The condition is similar in nature to fluid-filled tissue (edema). If serious, it can prevent normal urination. Vaginal hyperplasia affects cats all ages, although it is found more commonly in younger.

cats vagina swollen. by Valerie (victorville,ca u.s.a.) My cats vagina seems to be swollen and she has been constantly licking at it. She is very irritable and even growls at me when I go near her. She was in heat last week and I did see her have males mount her. Is this a sign of infection? Vaginitis is an inflammation and/or infection of the vagina, (the vagina is the tube leading from the outer genitals to the cervix). It is more commonly seen in dogs than cats. When cats are affected, it is most commonly seen in young cats. There are several possible causes of vaginitis in cats including:Author: Julia Wilson.

Apr 18, 2006 · what causes a red, inflamed vagina in cats? my cat's vaginal area is swollen and red. she did have problems urinating 2 - answered by a verified cat vet.