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The Adult Re-Entry programs are designed to assist men and women re-entering the community from prison and jail. With both in-custody and out of custody sites, all programs are designed using industry best practices that address criminogenic risks and needs in a safe, warm, inclusive environment. The Adult Reentry Grant Program was established through the Budget Act of 2018 (Senate Bill 840, Chapter 29, Statute of 2018) and appropriated $50,000,000 in funding for competitive awards to community-based organizations to support offenders formerly incarcerated in state prison.

May 13, 2019 · Adult Reentry Programs This practice involves correctional programs that focus on the transition of individuals from prison into the community. Reentry programs involve treatment or services that have been initiated while the individual is in custody and a . Our Adult Reentry Program utilizes a variety of evidence-based modalities to support the client and address criminal justice, substance abuse, mental health, education, and employment opportunities to increase the likelihood of successful outcomes, and to help the client ultimately become a self-sufficient and contributing member of society.

Community-based Adult Reentry Program CFDA # 16.812 A. Program Description Overview Over 2.1 million individuals are incarcerated in federal and state prisons, and millions of people cycle through jails every year. Ninety-five percent of all incarcerated individuals will . Adult reentry programs will generally initiate treatment (i.e., substance abuse, life skills, education, cognitive–behavioral, sex/violent offender treatment) in a prison setting and provide additional program components in the community following an individual’s release from prison or jail.

Renascence – This is a very nice “halfway house” that provides an excellent reentry program for ex-offenders. Please check this one out! Alaska. Alaska Department of Corrections: Reentry – Learn about Alaska’s reentry program. Alaska Native Justice Center – Adult reentry services for ex-offenders. Alternative Custody Program (ACP) Community Prisoner Mother Program (CPMP) Custody to Community Transitional Reentry Program (CCTRP) Male Community Reentry Program (MCRP) Residential programs for parolees are offered throughout the state. All provide residency and support services to parolees including SUDT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, life.

The Adult Reentry Program recognizes that learning is a lifelong process and is dedicated to meeting the needs of non-traditional students. Adults returning to college often face a variety of challenges: Dealing with budget constraints, child care/elder care, housing, etc.