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Prattle’s proprietary technology analyzes the historical market responses to the language used by central banks and corporations to develop a unique lexicon for each organization. New communications are then evaluated based on linguistic patterns to identify their likely market impact. Define prattle. prattle synonyms, prattle pronunciation, prattle translation, English dictionary definition of prattle. v. prat·tled, prat·tling, prat·tles v. intr. To talk or chatter idly or meaninglessly; babble or prate. v. tr. To utter or express by chattering foolishly.

Synonyms for prattle at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for prattle. My Prattle: This was my first Thai movie. And still is the only Thai movie I've ever watched. As the name says, it has all the elements of a first love, I mean "everything", literally. It can relate to every one of us in some way or the other. After watching it you'll understand why this is Author: Myprattle.

Without their help my prattle would never have been heard. After about half an hour of incessant prattle, an elderly man rose shakily from his seat and, with all his strength, slammed shut the door leading to vestibule. He was right to seek the solitary company of lizards rather than prattle around the camp fire with his fellow ‘contestants’. Prattle definition is - prate. How to use prattle in a sentence. Verb. They prattled on into the night, discussing school, music, and friends. spent an hour on the phone prattling on about nothing in particular. Noun. parents often claim to understand the prattle of their infant offspring.

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50 synonyms of prattle from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 47 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for prattle. Prattle, prattle, simple star, Bimetallic, wunderbar. View in context So my Grandson had disappeared in disgrace; and there I sat by my Wife's side, endeavouring to form a retrospect of the year 1999 and of the possibilities of the year 2000, but not quite able to shake off the thoughts suggested by the prattle of my bright little Hexagon.