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Jail-based Competency Restoration. Jail-based competency restoration provides services to people with mental health or co-occurring psychiatric and substance use disorders in jail. Services include behavioral health treatment services and competency education for people found incompetent to stand trial, consistent with other competency. Thank you for visiting the Texas Mental Health and Substance Use web page. The Department of State Health Services maintains this web page, but the 84th Legislature made structural changes to the Health and Human Services system including transferring some DSHS functions to the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC).

Sep 11,  · Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the Sandra Bland Act into law back in June and it went into effect on September 1, The law requires jailers to make an immediate determination on the mental health status of an inmate, and divert those who have a mental illness or substance abuse problem to a treatment facility instead of jail. 1 Improving Substance Abuse and Mental Illness . In , The Sentencing Project ranked the states based on the number of people incarcerated in state prison per , residents.2 Comparing state-by-state rates of incarceration with the access to mental health care ranking shows a strong positive correlation between rates of adult who are in the criminal justice system and lack of access to.

SUBTITLE C. TEXAS MENTAL HEALTH CODE. CHAPTER EMERGENCY DETENTION. A jail or similar detention facility may not be deemed suitable except in an extreme emergency. (f) A person detained in a jail or a nonmedical facility shall be kept separate from any person who is charged with or convicted of a crime. An adult may file a written. Mental Health Protections. Texas Law. Requires local authorities to ensure provision of disease management practices with jail diversion strategies for adults with bipolar disorder, Detaining a Mental Health Patient Texas Health and Safety Code, Section ; Contact.

The maze of behavioral health services is complex, making it difficult to understand and difficult to improve. The Hogg Foundation prepares a new edition of the Mental Health Guide to coincide with each Texas legislative session to help inform mental health and substance use policy analysis, development and decision-making. A Tool for Everyone. Uninsured and Medicaid Individuals Who Live with Mental Illness May Qualify for Home and Community Based Services Home and Community Based Services-Adult Mental Health (HCBS-AMH): Community Referral and Enrollment Process HCBS-AMH provides home and community- based services to adults with mental health needs. This program could provide an array of services, appropriate to each.

texas administrative code: title health services: part 1: department of state health services: chapter mental health community-based services: subchapters. subchapter a: mental health rehabilitative services: subchapter c: jail-based competency restoration program | | |.