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Aug 10, 2019 · A learning disability is typically defined as a difficulty or inability to take in and process information in ways that most people do naturally. As a result, learning disabilities can lead to a variety of problems with functioning in everyday life. While this problem is often associated with children, many adults struggle with learning disabilities as well. This can make it harder for an adult to accept a diagnosis and seek out treatment. Disability, difficulty or strength? In reality, many individuals with learning disabilities have a higher than average IQ, they just process information in a different way.

Dyscalculia. A specific learning disability that affects a person’s ability to understand numbers and learn math facts. Individuals with this type of LD may also have poor comprehension of math symbols, may struggle with memorizing and organizing numbers, have difficulty . Learning disabilities may include dyslexia, speech and language disorders, communication disorders, or issues such as ADD/ADHD. If you do go through the testing process and discover that you have a learning disability, chances are you'll also receive help in the form of tools, resources, and processes to make life easier at home, school, or work.

Learning and attention issues are very common, and finding support is a key to finding success. Read about famous people with learning and attention issues. See lists of entrepreneurs, musicians, political figures and game-changers in history. And consider connecting with other adults with learning and attention issues in our online community.Author: Alexis Clark, MA, MS. Do you have a learning disability? Learn about the risks and signs of learning disabilities and attention issues in adults. Read if you should tell your child about your issues.

Apr 26, 2013 · The introduction of learning technology and the changing workplace recently increased the importance of adult learning.However, there comes the problem of motivating adult learners.There are a few things that stand in the way to motivating adults to start learning.Author: Christopher Pappas. Some of the important factors which may affect the learning process are as follows: It has been found out that the pupil’s difficulty in learning may be due to many factors within the child himself.

If you are an adult and suspect that you have a learning disability (LD) you may be at a loss about how to obtain testing and the assessment process. This article will explain what is a learning disability assessment for adults, why should someone be assessed, who can conduct an assessment, how much an assessment might cost and what are the. Children with learning disabilities may prefer procedures to stay the same and have a hard time moving from one activity to another. Usually this difficulty becomes less of an issue as the child matures. However, adults with learning disabilities may still experience difficulty adjusting to .