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Aug 18, 2017 · When asthma symptoms appear and are diagnosed in adults older than age 20, it is typically known as adult-onset ast hma. About half of adults who have asthma also have allergies. Vitamin C — There’s a great deal of research that supports the use of Vitamin C as a treatment of asthma, especially against exercise-induced asthma. My own experience was that vitamin C provided some relief, and did help reduce asthma symptoms.

Oct 19, 2017 · Q: What causes adult-onset asthma and what are its symptoms? A: The reason adults develop asthma isn’t always clear. Respiratory infections, allergies . For some adults with asthma, inhaled corticosteroids are not very effective. 3 In this case, oral corticosteroids may be necessary. 2 Your health care provider may suggest additional tests to figure out what type of asthma you have. The results can help with treatment selection.