About the Russian 2nd Independent Spetsnaz Brigade of GRU

According information from Dmitry Tymchuk («Ukrainian Informational Resistance») subversive groups of the Russian Special Forces currently operate in the South-East Ukraine, including personnel from 2nd Independent Spetsnaz Brigade of the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU). So I would like to present a small review about this brigade to my readers.

2oThe 2nd Independent Spetsnaz Brigade of GRU was formed in 1962, and has operational records in wars in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Dagestan, and Georgia. In August 2008 during the Russian-Georgian war and the post-war period the brigade performed «combat missions» in the occupied territory of so-called «South Ossetia» (Samachablo / Tskhinvali region, Georgia).

The 2nd Independent Brigade is based in Promežicy settlement near Pskov city and assigned to the Western military region, but operationally subordinated the GRU. The Brigade is operationally focused on the Baltic States and Scandinavia, although it can be used at the discretion of the Russian General Staff and assigned to other destinations.

In the past few years, the unit has had its infrastructure and training facilities upgraded, and also its reconnaissance units re-equipped.

opThe Brigade structure is standard and it is not different from other Russian units of the GRU. In particular, the Intelligence Unit has 3 major combat units (battalions) with multiple sub-units. There is also a squadron of officers, a special communication troop, a training squadron and other sub-units.

Currently the Commander of the Brigade is Colonel Constantine Bušuem, who had previously commanded the 16th Independent Spetsnaz Brigade and was the Commander of the 1071 Training Regiment of the GRU.

The 2nd Brigade was brought up to strength with conscription and professional contract troops, the later number have increased considerably in recent times. On the ethnic composition in the brigade are mainly Slavs from the central Russian regions and a small number of Asians — Bashkir, Kalmyk Mongols and Tuvinians.

Combat and special education programs include both normal subjects (tactics, fire, etc,) and special training (paratroopers, wireless communication, etc.). Units of the Brigade often undertake field training, honing skills in deep penetration, raids, and mine (UAV) disruptive tactics.ok

The Brigade is equipped with small arms, and both conventional and special equipment. Combat vehicle equipment includes motor-cars and armoured vehicles type of various modifications «Uaz», «Gaz-Tiger», also `freaks’ “Gaz-Vodnik”.

(c) Irakli Komaxidze

Translated  by Victoria Field